Technisch adviseur voor hernieuwbare energie en woningisolatie, aardbevingsresistent ontwerp, bouwen en retrofitting (versterking van woningen tegen aardbevingen), biogas, UDT en UDDT toiletten, verbeterde houtkachels voor koken, energiezuinig koken, bamboo bouwtechniek en 'low-cost housing'.

EPA, Energie labels en Maatwerk advies. Gedetailleerde opname met persoonlijke uitleg en eventueel opvolging voor de beste keuze van maatregelen en do-het-zelf opties.  Diploma nr. 328, jaar 2001                email: epa[At]nienhuys-dot-info


Technical Advisor on: renewable energy options,
PV, SWH, house thermal insulation, UDT and UDDT, ICS cooking and space heating stoves, eco sanitation toilets with biogas reactors, earthquake engineering and retrofitting (reinforcement of houses against seismic forces) and low-cost housing:

Currently 'project engineer' on seismic strengthening for housing in the province of Groningen, and occasionally as technical advisor for PUM (Programma Uitzending Managers) and several international development organisations and NGO's in the above technical fields.

* Human settlements, school design, water and sanitation improvement (ecosan - Urine Diversion Toilet - UDT or UDDT).

* Biogas, with development of the LLUBR, a Low Leakage Urban Biogas Reactor in India, Tamil Nadu. Concept design for small cluster sanitation unit with UDDT and biogas combination.

* Improved Cooking Stoves (ICS), Heat Retention Box (HRB), Solar Water Heaters (SWH), Photo Voltaic (PV), thermal insulation for buildings in remote mountain areas, solar windows and passive solar energy, etc.

* Training of local professional staff with the development of training material and curriculum, model making, marketing, demonstration.

* Advice on the possible standardization of practical building codes on thermal insulation, seismic resistant construction and retrofitting for remote mountain areas in the Himalayan regions.

Document about Client Focussed Product Development (CFPD), with detailed explanation of the process of product development for the improvement of livelyhood of people in high altitude housing of the Himalayas.  CFPD, September 2011, 2.23 MB, 31 pages.

Development of training material and training modules as part of business development.
Curriculum Development, Framework or outline for vocational training modules. Including objectives, training topics, learning aims, content of course, logic framework and the lesson plan. October 2011, 830 kB, 17 pages.


Woonhuiskostenmeter.  Zelf snel de mogelijke woonkosten inschatten door het invullen en bijwerken van deze Excel tabel.  Woning grootte en aantal bewoners, energie label, schilderwerk binnen en buiten, plat dak onderhoud, etc.

Document on training for marketing for house improvements for small entrepreneurs.
Marketing for House Improvements (April 2012) 27 pages, 2MB

In de Keukenhof.
Voor het maken van energie labels e-mail: EPA[at]nienhuys-dot-info of sjoerd[at]nienhuys-dot-info

Woning bouw en maatwerk advies in Hilversum en omgeving.
Thermal insulation for traditional/new houses in the Himalayas
The best method to reduce energy needs, save time, better health and reduce the recurrent costs for these aspects.
Improved cooking methods are part of the training.

Post-disaster reconstruction:

Participatory human settlement and infrastructure development:

Earthquake analysis and housing reconstruction in Ecuador, Honduras, Yemen, Pakistan (Kashmir), Tajikistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Indonesia.

In Banda Aceh 2006 a number of tsunami reconstruction projects were visited and evaluated. Although most new building was of good standards, some common errors in reinforced concrete design were detected.

Technical Advice Reinforced concrete Construction Aceh (2007), 2.6 MB, 30 pg.

Developed UNCHS-Habitat training programme in Zambia for settlement officers. Housing projects in Kenya, Bolivia, Sri Lanka, Peru and Venezuela.

Training staff on communication, technology on infrastructure, water and eco sanitation solutions.

Technical advice on programme management and implementation with community participation and livelihood development. Kenya, Zambia, Nepal, Colombia, Peru, Honduras, Pakistan Tajikistan, Mozambique, Ecuador and Cameroun.

Micro and Small Enterprise (MSE):

Product development and testing through: Rapid Market Appraisal, vocational training, and Entrepreneur Exchange Visits in Bolivia, Ghana, Benin, Pakistan and Tajikistan.

Entrepreneur Exchange Training Visits gives detailed information how best to do training of adult but new entrepreneurs through aprentenship with skilled and experienced entrepreneurs. Manual Entrepreneur Host Taining Visits. 1.8 MB, 30 pages.

Livelihood development, income generation and poverty alleviation in rural and urban environment.

Renewable energy solutions:

Small-scale farm-based biogas reactors, small scale urban  LLUBR (Low Leakage Urban Biogas Reactor) and CDM development, improved water mills (IWM), solar water heaters (SWH), PV and Improved Cooking Stoves (ICS) design and local manufacture.

Thin thermal insulation and use of passive solar energy or shading for housing.   Senegal, Ecuador, Zambia, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

During the massive reconstruction programme many designs were created, but also some common mistakes realised in reinforced concrete constuction. Read more in paper.
The building team with international and national staff.